Creating Business Advantage


Who we are

Vantage Public Relations, the technical public relations specialist, is a B2B PR firm that delivers expert trade and consumer PR programmes that are powerful, creative and cost-effective in sectors like access control, building products, heating, lighting, mining and gas sensing, renewables and ventilation.


What we do

Over 20 years experience in the B2B PR industry has equipped Vantage with the skills to thoroughly understand our clients' products or services and implement an effective and influential PR campaign that clearly communicates our client's message to their target audience. Integral to our consultancy is a comprehensive PR review, which identifies recommended strategies and tactics which are individual to each client.



How we help our clients

Our expertise and specialist technology public relations and trade PR knowledge helps us to place our clients at the top of their markets, and our excellent relationship with the media ensures that companies gain coverage in relevant and high calibre publications both online and off. 

At Vantage PR we aim to build and maintain your company’s reputation, and will provide you with high-quality, results-driven B2B public relations campaigns that generate sales enquiries and new business opportunities.



Request a free PR review or get in touch with one of our technical PR team for more details on creating business advantage. Check out what we do for more information on the services we provide. 


"In just under 12 months Vantage PR have used their industry knowledge and expertise to successfully achieve above and beyond what was asked of them... we are sure this successful partnership will continue for many years."

- Oliver Duckworth, Managing Director, Windhager UK -

"We have increased traffic to our website by over 50% over the last 12 months using both digital and media presence from Vantage PR."

- Laura Stockton, Marketing Executive, Trolex -

"Vantage PR can always be relied upon to provide informative and topical information. They provide us with concise and innovative copy, meet strict deadlines and understand the needs of our readers and this is directly reflected in the way their clients are viewed."

- Laura Sharman, Editor, Local Government News -

"Vantage PR are an experienced, professional and enthusiastic agency, who have generated much editorial coverage for us, in the trade press - and therefore, many sales leads as a result. I am happy to recommend them to any potential new client."

- Chris Dixon, Sales and Marketing Director, Uniform Architectural. -

"Vantage has become an integral part of our team. Their knowledge of our business, our objectives and our workstyle combined with their management of our PR and advertising account has directly led to a very successful marketing campaign. "

- Bob Bohannon, General Manager, Sill Lighting -

"Telling Architectural and its associate companies have employed Vantage across a diverse range of services and sectors. We have found their research presentation and technical appraisals to have been in depth and professional leading to an excellent response from the target market."

- Mike Wood, Managing Director, Telling Architectural -

"The Greenstock Lamp Company has worked with Vantage for several years. A combination of professionalism and experience means they always have the solution to our PR needs"

- Matthew Wallis, Marketing Director, Greenstock -

"It's both rewarding and a pleasure working with Vantage. Their in depth knowledge of the B2B media means that the client gets good bangs for the bucks... even on a small budget the amount of coverage can be impressive."

- Marcus Bicknell, Director, RainWater Harvesting -

"Becosolar and subsequently Kier Energy Solutions have used the services of Vantage to great effect over the past 3 years to promote our solar PV systems. Using regular press marketing with an excellent uptake of news stories, Vantage has helped to create excellent industry awareness of our services."

- Nigel Brunton-Reed, Director, Kier Energy Solutions -

"Vantage has achieved everything that we hoped for reinforced by recent competitor comments that we 'seem to be everywhere' these days. Very attentive and I never feel as though 'the clock is ticking', Vantage have been very supportive and provided service beyond the agreed proposal. "

- Michael Hunt, Managing Director, Total Home Environment -

Case Studies

Access Control Nortech2 NHS image 3 high

Access Control

Nortech is an independent British access control system company that specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative card access control systems, wireless security systems and vehicle control solutions. With this in mind, Vantage has circulated press releases to a huge range of publications, including media in the security, parking, building trade, architecture, local authorities as well as health and safety markets.... read more


Heating Tansun26 image 1 high res


Tansun is the UK’s leading infrared heater manufacturer. With over 35 years of experience in the heating industry, its vast range of infrared heaters are manufactured to the highest quality and provide optimum heat performance at any time of year. ... read more


Lighting Sill2


Sill Lighting UK specialises in high performance projectors for exterior and amenity lighting, as well as for the interior lighting of concourses. Sill UK’s 10-year relationship with Vantage PR is an example of the very best in client/consultancy relationships. Vantage understands the client’s industry and with our knowledge of the specialist architectural and specification media we can work closely with the client to maximise their press exposure.... read more


Vehicle Safety Econic - JB Riney (23)

Vehicle Safety

Sentinel Systems provides safety solutions for a number of applications from refuse vehicles and road sweepers to delivery vans and large trucks and trailers. Moving on from the dash cam, Sentinel also offers camera and recording CCTV systems which reduce the risk of reversing accidents, injuries to personnel, and fraudulent insurance claims. Using its industry knowledge, Vantage works closely with Sentinel’s technical teams on a raft of press information to promote the client’s technical expertise.... read more